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Having your Texas swimming pool removed by a professional and done correctly will make all the difference in the world.  Our service comes with a full 12 month warranty on all labor completed when removing your pool. 



We will come out for a complimentary site visit to your property to evaluate your swimming pool removal project in the San Antonio or Austin Area and provide a free price quote on cost with options. Once work is started we will deliver results within the time frame we specify, weather permitted.


100% Turnkey

When you work with us to remove your inground swimming pool in the Greater San Antonio and Austin Area we take care of everything from start to finish. Once we provide you with the cost for pool removal options and you give us the green light it is only a matter of time until your backyard is transformed to your specifications.

Pool Not Being Used Anymore??

Having an in ground swimming pool in the San Antonio and Austin Area can be great for many years enjoying the Texas summers but there comes a time when every pool has passed it's prime or simply isn't being used anymore. When the time does come removing your swimming pool can be the best option to enjoy more of your backyard, save money, remove liability and increase usability for value.

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Swimming Pool Removal Companies and Contractors Process

How the pool is removed...

When a swimming pool is removed in the San Antonio and Austin, TX Area it is primarily done one of two ways 1) partial demolition and filled in or 2) completed demolition and removal. 

Both methods are done in different ways but still accomplish your pool removal goal.

DANGER ALERT: remember there is electricity and plumbing connected to your swimming pool which can be dangerous and hazardous to both people and property. A licensed professional should disconnect any service to and from the swimming pool before any physical swimming pool removal or demolition begins. Safety should always be top priority.

Why can't I just fill my pool in with dirt?

Your swimming pool was meant to hold water not work with it like natural earth, the removal and demolition process essentially reverses this when done correctly by a professional. If you simply fill it in with dirt one (or both) of two things are likely to happen 1) it will create a swamp or dangerous mud pit that will never be safe to be on top of or 2) water will eventually get under the swimming pool and cause it to rise or uplift like a boat. 

The swimming pool removal process in a nutshell:

1) Partial Pool Demolition and Fill In:

In this process the swimming pool interior is broken apart approx. 36 inches (3 feet) from the top fully across and many holes a minimum of 3 inches wide are drilled and jack hammered into the bottom of the pool, this will allow for water to flow through the bottom and for the top portion to eventually take back to "natural state". The entire pool exterior above grade or any decking is jack hammered and broken up to be removed fully. The pool is then filled back in using material and a process that will prevent movement or dips, the top layer 3-4" is usually top soil then grass once ready. 

2) Complete Pool Demolition and Removal:

The process is similar to the above except everything is jack hammered and removed completely and filled all the way back in with new fill. This method of swimming pool removal is far more expensive but it leaves no sign of your former pool behind, it is as if it was never there. As you can imagine when removing your pool in this manner there is a lot more hauling off and back fill deliveries along with much longer time needed for heavy jack hammering  and demolition so this method can take up to 2-3X longer to complete. 

Locating swimming pool removal companies or contractors can be a task but we are a full turn key swimming pool removal company...we can provide you a price quote for your specific pool removal needs in the Austin and San Antonio Area. 

When working with companies or contractors to remove your in-ground swimming pool be sure communication is strong upfront to fully understand your project and a solid price estimate with scope of work and breakdown is provided upfront. 


Free Price Quote and Cost Estimate For Pool Removal:

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Swimming Pool Removal Cost in Austin and San Antonio Area

This is probably one of the first questions you ask yourself when considering the option of removing your in ground swimming pool, it is an important question because it is an investment in your property. The pool removal process has a lot of variables so there is no way of giving an accurate price or cost estimate without first seeing the pool and property first. 

When having your in-ground swimming pool demolished and removed there can be upwards of $50,000 in heavy equipment onsite when the job is done correctly which is one of the highest cost portions of the pool removal process for your contractor not to mention machinery transportation, labor for skilled trade or man power and backfill material. 

In-ground pool removal options and prices in Texas have a wide range depending on variables involved but for complete turn key service the range typically runs anywhere from $3,500 to $9,500 on a traditional normal size inground swimming pool removal with around $6,000 being the average for partial pool demolition with complete fill in and can get even higher in price if your pool requires special attention.  Regardless we can offer you a free on site visit and cost estimate with no obligation to give you an accurate price for your specific pool removal in the Austin and San Antonio, TX Areas.

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Reasons to Remove Your Swimming Pool...

More Space

Removing your inground swimming pool can drastically increase the size of your usable backyard when done correctly allowing for more daily yard options. Your house might be perfect besides the backyard be cause their is large swimming pool not being used taking up a lot of space, we can solve that problem!

Old and Dangerous

Like most household items a swimming pool gets old and out dated over time and like all the other items you have to decide to spend the money on updating them or removing. Pools can become dangerous over time as parts get worn down, concrete can deteriorate or trip hazards can develop around the pool exterior.


Maybe that pool is keeping you up at night having to worry about your kids trying to go for a swim unsupervised, pets, someone tripping in or the neighborhood teenagers jumping the fence while you are out of town for a dip. Having a pool comes with liability as a home owner that you might not want.


This can often be on top of the list for home owners as having an in-ground swimming can add up on monthly upkeep cost. From servicing, parts, chemicals, regular cleanings the money keeps going out and removing it all together can be a good long term investment so you can use that money on a yearly vacation, investment, etc.


Any homeowner with a pool will let you know that having a swimming pool consumes time and energy. As the seasons shift your pool needs specific attention and if you are under any kinds of trees you have learned quickly that it needs regular attention. Maybe you have experience bugs or toys needing to be removed on a regular bases tired of.

Resale Value

When the time comes to sell your home removing your swimming poole might be the best option to increase market value and demand. Having a swimming pool can narrow down the home buyer window, certainly if the pool is outdated, not working or in bad shape visually. A pool removed for more backyard space can open the options for home buyers.

Swimming Pool Removal